Emergency Power and Remote Control systems


Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Emergency Power and Remote Control systems for All Existing Solar Poles & Power Supply and Remote Control Infrastructure for New Lighting High Masts at Al-Bayt Stadium Precinct.  





1.Supply, install, testing and commission of feeder cables complete with associated accessories, protections, watertight boxes, supports, connections to every High Mast, connections to expected feeder source as shown in indicative drawing attached to this brief.
2. Supply, install, test and commission of Lighting Control and Dimming System as shown in the indicative drawing attached to this brief complete with all associated integrations to the existing system including, gateways, structured cabling, mapping, programming, licensing & others to be fully functional systems.
3. Install, test including aiming under the supervision of the supplier and commission of high mast supplied by others
4. Supply, install foundations for the high masts in full coordination with High masts supplier