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Building Dreams, Crafting Excellence – Al Huda Engineering is your premier partner in construction, where innovation meets craftsmanship. From Groundbreaking designs to meticulous execution, we redefine construction with a commitment to quality that stands tall, just like our structures. Elevate your Vision with Al Huda Engineering Works, where every project is a masterpiece in the making.

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About Al Huda

Who are Al Huda ?

Al Huda Engineering Works (AHEW) stands as a cornerstone in the construction sector of the State of Qatar. Since its establishment in 1990, AHEW has consistently maintained its status as a respected and dependable entity. Over the years, we have been a driving force in shaping the development of Qatar’s construction industry, thanks to our dedicated and reliable staff. Despite the formidable challenges encountered by the construction sector, we remain committed to advancing the nation’s progress.


With a labor workforce exceeding 1200 employees and an in-house fleet boasting 407 units of equipment, coupled with a comprehensive maintenance team comprised of skilled mechanical engineers and technicians, AHEW possesses the capacity to undertake substantial projects. Our dedicated team ensures the operational efficiency of at least 90% of all equipment at all times. This capability has been consistently demonstrated through the successful execution of major projects over the past three decades, showcasing AHEW’s reliability and competence in the construction industry.

How it all Started ?

Founded in 1990 by Eng. Mamdouh Radwan, Al Huda Engineering Works initially carved its niche in real estate development. Under the visionary leadership of Eng. Radwan, the company later diversified its portfolio to encompass road construction, high-rise buildings, building industries, and institutional buildings. The strategic expansion reflected Eng. Radwan’s commitment to excellence and adaptability in the dynamic construction sector.

In 2011, a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory occurred …

Completed Projects​

Supreme Education Council​

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

The SEC Headquarters comprises of Five (5) Interlinked Low Rise Buildings along with all associated Services, Infrastructure and Parking as well as a Prototype for the project.

Sports City (Aspire)​

Khalifa City Development Committee​

It is the most famous landmark in Doha – Qatar at Khalifa Sports City where AL HUDA constructed the sports academy attached to Aspire Dome that includes training courts, changing rooms, students hotel and the full landscape with total area of 14,600m2. The building is combined concrete and very sophisticated steel structure forming the unique shape of this legendary landmark as well as small Laboratory.

National Command Center​

Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC)​

This is Qatar’s first Command Centre to function as the Central Security Operation

Centre and National Crises Management Centre. The prime mission of the building was to function as State Security Centre during Asian Games 2006. Being Blast Proof, this project by in itself is a Unique Project which we are proud to be associated with. A high standard of landscaping has been included in the project.

This building is provided with the latest technology in IT communication and security gadgets.

Museum of Islamic Arts Park (MIA)

Qatar Petroleum​

In the context of the Museum of Islamic Arts project, our expertise unfolds through meticulous hard and soft landscaping. Strategic tree placements and a thoughtful selection of grasses and flowers create a harmonious blend of nature. Durable hardscape elements, from pathways to installations, showcase our commitment to excellence, turning the museum grounds into a living masterpiece where art and nature converge seamlessly.

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